Let That Bump (Produced by Jaisu)

from by Travis and The Ghost



Verse One:
They call me D.O.C a name you never heard of/
Step to the mic, commit lyrical murder/
Holy Spirit fire step or get burned up/
Put your bibles in the and and say "Word Up"/
I get it from my Dad styles I got a surplus/
Beware of false doctrine tryna church us/
Where the workers, Missionary Servants/
Too many preach prosperity in and out they sermons/
Making me Nervous, its like a circus/
We only live to give love and that is our purpose/
Lets take it back to Acts 2 where Jesus birthed this/
Pray and break bread honor God with real worship/
Yall feel convicted, wish you never heard this/
Should've pressed pause fast fwd through my verses/
So what I rap good, without God Im worthless/
Stop selling lies the truth you cant purchase/

God, He Said, Just Go and Make Disciples of all the nations.
So We Go, We Teach, We Pray, Go hard in these streets everyday Gwan and Let that Bump!!!


from Training Camp Mixtape, released March 2, 2012
Produced by Jaisu


all rights reserved