Little Light (Produced by Stewrat)

from by Travis and The Ghost



Jesus is a bright light and me Im just a little Christ
so Ima shine my little light and lead em to eternal life/
in a world full of lost souls, amazed how many cross those
in search of truth, somekinda proof of what the cross holds/
Nobody ever shared the life or the way
or maybe people did, but you never could accept grace/
In a world built on karma, an eye for an eye, revenge
blood stain martyrs, even friends turn against us/
A war against our own flesh beneath our skin,
its all violent mass murder suffocating in sin/
screaming SOS somebody save our souls,
so He sent His Son, so He loved the world/
and all you have to do is believe He came flesh
to die for you and I resurrect defeat death/
He never wanted you to perish receive this life,
eternal living in His presence for believing in Christ/
Read it for yourself open up the fourth gospel,
find the third chapter uncover love like a fossil/
and me Im just a little light, together we could shine bright,
guiding those who living in darkness and out of sight/
We need a little light!


from Training Camp Mixtape, released March 2, 2012
Produced by Stewrat


all rights reserved